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woensdag, 23 mei 2018  
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Wanneer: 14.09.2013 - 15.09.2013 | 09.00 h - 17.00 h  
Titel The Therapeutic Stretching
Waar: Praktijk De Lange Munt - Brugge Sint-Andries
Categorie: Musculoskeletale Therapie
Beschrijving evenement:

Therapeutic stretching: a functional approach

An active, multidimensional approach to recovering range of movement

Prof. Eyal Lederman


Clinical stretching has limited contribution to recovery of movement range in many musculoskeletal conditions - Immediate: 30, short-term: 10, long-term: 00

(Cochrane Database, CD007455)


Find out why and how it can be resolved


Traditional stretching methods were shown to have a limited influence in improving range of movement (ROM) in conditions where there are pathological tissue shortening. These modest outcomes were observed for all forms of stretching approaches.

Functional stretching has been developed over 10 years by Prof Lederman to provide a solution to the limitations of traditional stretching approaches. It focuses on active restoration of ROM, using task-specific, functional movement patterns. This approach is informed by research in the areas of tissue adaptation, motor control, pain and cognitive-behavioural sciences.

Functional stretching can be used to recover ROM losses in various musculoskeletal conditions including post-injury rehabilitation, immobilisation, surgery, frozen shoulder and central nervous system damage. Part of the course will also examine the potential use of functional stretching in pain alleviation and ROM desensitisation.


Learning outcome:

·         Understanding the biomechanical, biological, neurological and psychological-behavioural processes associated with loss of movement range

·         Understanding the processes associated with long-term length adaptation and recovery of movement range

·         Ability to identify the indications for therapeutic stretching

·         Ability to identify and develop a function ROM rehabilitation which is most suitable for your patients' conditions

·         Understanding the differences between therapeutic and recreational stretching

·         Review of various stretching approaches

·         Learning new functional stretching techniques to optimise therapeutic outcome in various musculoskeletal conditions

·         Understanding mechanisms in pain-sensitisation, ROM sensitisation and the approaches that could promote alleviation and ROM desensitisation


Suitability to attend:

All manual and physical therapists (osteopaths, physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage and sports therapists, etc.), trainers and couches. Teachers of all exercise approaches, including Yoga, Pilates, martial arts, etc. 


Prijs: €280 (syllabus en koffie-breaks)

Venue Praktijk De Lange Munt
Website: Geen website beschikbaar  
Straat: Lange Muntstraat 9
Postcode: 8200
Plaats Brugge Sint-Andries
Land: BE
Beschrijving locatie:
Komende van de E40, afslag Brugge, volg de N31 Expressweg richting
Blankenberge, Zeebrugge voor ongeveer 1 Km en neem na de tweede korte tunnel
de daarop volgende afslag. Je komt aan de lichten aan de Gistelsesteenweg
die je rechts oprijdt richting Brugge. De 2de straat links is de Lange

Komende van centrum Brugge richting St Andries neem je 100m na de Smedepoort
op de Canadasquare de rechter baan (=Gistelse steenweg). Na 500m sla je ,net
na het JET benzinestation, rechtsaf. Dat is de Lange Muntstraat.